Witch Breed (Hell's Underground #4) - Alan Gibbons

When Paul arrives in 17th century London, he expects to be thrown into a life or death struggle for the three gates that imprison the ancient King Lud. But the battle doesn't come. Instead, Paul roams alone, learning how to survive in a city where all the talk is of the savage civil war that rages beyond its ramparts. Somewhere underground, Lud is waiting in his crypt, preparing to rise again. War, fear and want are his tools. But Paul too has his own weapons and is gaining strength and losing inhibitions about using it. Meanwhile, beyond the city, innocent women are being killed for it is so easy to claim that they are witches. One woman – whether innocent or guilty – possesses the only power available that can help Paul in his quest.

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Release date: 2010
Genres: horror, young adult
Updated: August 26, 2021

Hell's Underground :: Series

Paul Rector is an ordinary schoolboy when the bodies start to turn up on the streets of East London. Somebody is duplicating the Jack the Ripper murders. Strangely, there are no marks on the bodies. It is as if they have been scared to death.

As Paul starts to follow this baffling case something stirs inside him, a sense of recognition... and disturbance. Somehow his destiny and that of the Ripper are entwined. So begins a terrifying journey into the dark heart of London.
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