The Barbed Coil

J. V. Jones
fantasy > high fantasy
The Barbed Coil - J. V. Jones6.66

Patterns, pictures, pigments: patterns with the magic to transform men into creatures, drive monarchs mad, or reweave destinies across the borders of worlds. Thus: in Garizon a king embarks on an orgy of conquest... in Bay'Zell a warlord-for-hire misses his ship... and in San Diego a woman is found by a ring that seeks blood...

J. V. Jones's debut trilogy, The Book of Words, became an acclaimed international bestseller, marking this author as a major new voice in modern adventure fantasy. Rich in action, mystery, and intensely realized characters, her newest novel is certain to win J. V. Jones fresh praise and a growing legion of readers.

The Barbed Coil

Tessa McCamfrey has always so avoided roots and relationships that now, as her car winds up the California mountains, she no longer knows if she's driving away from her life, or being driven toward it. When she turns off the road and discovers an abandoned crime scene she also comes across an intricately designed, barbed ring. She slips it on her finger, points pierce her, and Tessa is suddenly in another world.

Here in the colorful, thriving city of Bay'Zell, she'll face both immediate danger and a possible ally: Lord Ravis of Burano, an enigmatic, tormented mercenary. But Tessa's adventure is only beginning. Bay'Zell is on the brink of war; Ravis is the target of fanatical assassins from several lands; and Ravis and the girl from California are both about to be drafted into Camron of Thorn's campaign to avenge his noble father's murder.

Soon Tessa learns that in a place where pictures and patterns hold incredible wizardry, she possesses uncanny ability.

And Tessa's ring, fashioned in the shape of a barbed coil, holds the secret to stopping the murderous images of slaughter emanating from a king's crown.

Sorcerous death stalks her. Her task is to master her unknown power – or the Barbed Coil will destroy a world.

"Excellent technique and a fine use of bountiful imagination. Even the minor characters come alive for the reader, and one must know what will happen to them. The Barbed Coil is a book to be reread." - Andre Norton

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Release date: 1997
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 6.66/10
Total ratings: 9
Updated: January 06, 2018


6/10 |
November 26, 2007
I was slightly disappointed with this book, because I thought it would be as fascinating as the other books (The Book of Words and Sword of Shadows). Although I was a bit disappointed, The Barbed Coil is a good fantasy book. It's not perfect, but ...