Stowaway to the Stars
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Stowaway to the Stars

by Graham Keeler
Release date: September 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionhard science fiction + space opera
Tags: space travels

Note! The 2nd edition of this novel was published in January 2019.

Larry is an undercover agent for the Interstellar Exploration Programme, when he stumbles on a covert operation by Zilon, a ruthless member of the Galactic Union. He finds himself framed by the Ziloni and a fugitive from the Union.

Karen is seeking the man responsible for the death of her sister. But one simple case of mistaken identity and a reckless decision suddenly sees her life in turmoil. She discovers that she is a stowaway on Larry’s spacecraft and her future is now irrevocably linked to his.

Larry’s future looks bleak. His only chance of finding evidence that will clear his name entails a near-suicidal invasion of a Ziloni military base.  Karen has no choice but to accompany Larry on his mission, where she is thrown into the strange environment of the Union. Together they face the ultimate test as they battle with the collective might of the Ziloni and the Galactic Union.

(updated 2019-01-31)

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