The Gospel of Loki (Loki #1) - Joanne Harris7.00

The first adult epic fantasy novel from multi-million copy bestselling author of Chocolat, Joanne Harris.

The novel is a brilliant first-person narrative of the rise and fall of the Norse gods - retold from the point of view of the world's ultimate trickster, Loki. It tells the story of Loki's recruitment from the underworld of Chaos, his many exploits on behalf of his one-eyed master, Odin, through to his eventual betrayal of the gods and the fall of Asgard itself. Using her life-long passion for the Norse myths, Joanne Harris has created a vibrant and powerful fantasy novel.

Loki, that’s me.

Loki, the Light-Bringer, the misunderstood, the elusive, the handsome and modest hero of this particular tissue of lies. Take it with a pinch of salt, but it’s at least as true as the official version, and, dare I say it, more entertaining.

So far, history, such as it is, has cast me in a rather unflattering role.

Now it’s my turn to take the stage.

With his notorious reputation for trickery and deception, and an ability to cause as many problems as he solves, Loki is a Norse god like no other. Demon-born, he is viewed with deepest suspicion by his fellow gods who will never accept him as one of their own and for this he vows to take his revenge.

From his recruitment by Odin from the realm of Chaos, through his years as the go-to man of Asgard, to his fall from grace in the build-up to Ragnarok, this is the unofficial history of the world’s ultimate trickster.

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Release date: February 14, 2014
Genres: fantasy
Tags: norse mythology
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 4
Updated: September 06, 2021

Loki :: Series

Belongs to the series Rune series

The Gospel of Loki (Loki #1)7.00
The Testament of Loki (Loki #2)


8/10 |
February 28, 2018
Very much liked this version of the lore, told by the Trickster himself how he was betrayed by Odin in the begin with and how they all were deceived in the end, what led to the destruction of Asgard and to death to it's gods.