Genesis and Janus

Matthew Mather
science fiction
Genesis and Janus (Atopia Chronicles, #6)

Cognix is on the verge of releasing the new poly-synthetic sensory interface system to the world, but as it nears the brink, strange and dangerous storms threaten to destroy Atopia. What is causing them, and more importantly, who is causing them and how can they be stopped?

The key to redemption lies in very foundations that Atopia was based upon, but in that same foundation sleeps a deadly danger that pitches the world from the frying pan and into the fire.

This is the final book of the Atopia series, a full length novel that neatly ties up the first five stories to reveals the hidden danger at the hear of Atopia and the path of destruction that it is set upon.

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Release date: July 2012
Genres: science fiction
Updated 2013-08-30