The Long Price Quartet

Daniel Abraham’s classic Long Price Quartet is groundbreaking unique fantasy of rare power and originality.  The aggressively expansionist Galt empire has already conquered lands across a huge continent But the cities of the Khaiem resist Galt’s power with the andat - creatures of magic with godlike powers Political intrigue and deep treachery combine to shift the balance of power in a world of ancient empires and immortal magics. This unforgettable fantasy epic series starting with A Shadow in Summer marks Daniel Abraham as a unique voice and one of the most enthralling fantasy writers to emerge in recent years.

The Long Price Quartet consists of four books. The current recommended reading order for the series is provided below.

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Updated January 6, 2023

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  ★ 7.50 / 14
  ★ 8.42 / 7
  ★ 9.28 / 7
  ★ 9.66 / 6

Speculative Fiction Books

(The Long Price Quartet #1 / 4)
2006 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Long Price Quartet #2 / 4)
2007 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Long Price Quartet #3 / 4)
2008 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Long Price Quartet #4 / 4)
2009 | fantasy, high fantasy