Dragonlance: Kang's Regiment

The antagonists of Kang's Regiment were first introduced in the short stories The First Dragonarmy Bridging Company and The First Dragonarmy Engineer's Secret Weapon from The Dragons of Krynn and The Dragons at War respectively. The short story To Convince the Righteous of the Right from Heroes and Fools bridges the events between The Doom Brigade and Draconian Measures.

Dragonlance: Kang's Regiment consists of two books. The current recommended reading order for the series is provided below.

Main series Dragonlance

Updated January 6, 2023

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Book Covers
  ★ 6.98 / 126
  ★ 7.06 / 88

Speculative Fiction Books

(Dragonlance: Kang's Regiment #1 / 2)
1996 | fantasy
(Dragonlance: Kang's Regiment #2 / 2)
2000 | fantasy