Blood of My Blood (Outlander #0.5)
Blood of My Blood (Outlander #0.5) by Diana Gabaldon
Sherrie | June 13, 2024
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London Calling (City Spies #6)
London Calling (City Spies #6) by James Ponti
Visitor | June 12, 2024
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Wings of Fire Book 16 (Wings of Fire #16)
Wings of Fire Book 16 (Wings of Fire #16) by Tui T. Sutherland
Visitor | 112 replies | June 12, 2024
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Release date?

Skyshade (Lightlark #3) by Alex Aster
Lightlark #3
by Alex Aster

The pulse-pounding third novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, The Lightlark Saga, by acclaimed author and #BookTok sensation Alex Aster

Love kills kingdoms…

Back in Grim’s castle on Nightshade, Isla is reeling in the wake of a brutal battle and the devastating truths it exposed. Her future—and the fate of the world—now hinge on a heart split in two.

Past Isla, who fell in love with the ruler of Nightshade, fights to resist feelings she considers treasonous. The Isla of the present, who has seen the ruin her powers can cause, will do anything to save Lightlark and its king.

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131 days ago
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What is the release date of the third book. I have read both Lightlark and Nightbane three times. Grim is killing me over here....
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129 days ago
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We can anticipate that Lightlark book 3 is slated for release just in time for the holiday season, right before Christmas in this year.
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78 days ago
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Really looking forward to Lightlark book 3. Hope the release date comes soon.
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