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Release date please???

Kagen the Damned Book 3 (Kagen the Damned #3) by Jonathan Maberry
Kagen the Damned Book 3
(Kagen the Damned #3)
by Jonathan Maberry

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172 days ago
I don't see any news or info about the third book in this series being released. Where does the 2023 come from? It would be great to have a release date! Book 2 ending left lots to be uncovered still!
171 days ago
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Sadly we don't have a release date or more info yet. We know that this series is not a duology so there has to be at least one more book to come, but probably this is a longer series than a trilogy. There is speculation that estimate release date could be at 2024 or 2025, so I changed the book info as TBA (2024).