Sarah A. Hoyt

Sarah A. Hoyt

Sarah A. Hoyt is an author who also writes under the names Sarah D'Almeida and Elise Hyatt.

Hoyt writes fiction in various genres. Most notably, the first book in her Shakespearean fantasy series Ill Met by Moonlight, was a finalist for the 2002 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award (which was instead won by Lois McMaster Bujold).

Her Musketeer's series begins with Death of a Musketeer, a Mystery Book Club selection and includes three other titles from Berkley Prime Crime.

Her favourite genre, however, remains science fiction and fantasy, and Hoyt is a prolific writer with dozens of short stories published. Her shapeshifter series include Draw One in the Dark and Gentleman Takes a Chance, urban fantasy adventures, from Baen Books. Also from Baen Books is her Darkship series beginning with Darkship Thieves, winner of the Prometheus Award for libertarian science fiction.

The British Empire Series takes place in a parallel world, where history from Charlemagne to Queen Victoria parallels ours but is actuated through the workings of magic and not by science and technology. The series consists of three books: Heart of Light, which takes place in Victorian Africa; Soul of Fire, which unfolds in India; and Heart and Soul, which enmeshes itself in the chaos of 19th century China.

Under the house name Laurien Gardner, she has written Plain Jane for Jove Books Historical Fiction. She also edited the anthology Something Magic This Way Comes.

She has also written a series of mysteries centered on furniture refinishing under the pen name of Elise Hyatt. These stories are set in the same city of Goldport, Colorado as her shifter series, with some characters appearing in both series.

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Books by Sarah A. Hoyt
Ill Met by Moonlight
Crawling Between Heaven and Earth
All Night Awake (Shakespeare in Faerie #2)
Any Man So Daring (Shakespeare in Faerie #3)
Draw One in the Dark
Heart of Light
Soul of Fire (Magical British Empire #2)
Gentleman Takes a Chance (Shifter #2)
Heart and Soul (Magical British Empire #3)
Darkship Thieves
Darkship Renegades (Darkship #2)
A Few Good Men
Noah's Boy (Shifter #3)
Night Shifters
Through Fire (Earth's Revolution #2)
Darkship Revenge (Darkship #3)
Monster Hunter Guardian (Monster Hunter #7)

Speculative Fiction Novels (18)

(Monster Hunter #7)
2019 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Arcane America #1)
2018 | fantasy, alternate history
(Darkship #3)
2017 | science fiction > space opera
(Earth's Revolution #2)
2016 | science fiction
2014 | fantasy > urban fantasy, collection
(Shifter #3)
2013 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Earth's Revolution #1)
2013 | science fiction
(Darkship #2)
2012 | science fiction > space opera
(Darkship #1)
2010 | science fiction > space opera
(Magical British Empire #3)
2008 | fantasy, alternate history
(Shifter #2)
2008 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Magical British Empire #2)
2008 | fantasy, alternate history
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2008 | fantasy, alternate history
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2006 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Shakespeare in Faerie #3)
2003 | fantasy > historical fantasy
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2002 | fantasy > historical fantasy

2002 | science fiction, fantasy, short stories
(Shakespeare in Faerie #1)
2001 | fantasy > historical fantasy