Well of Shiuan

C. J. Cherryh
science fiction, fantasy
Well of Shiuan (The Morgaine Cycle #2) - C. J. Cherryh7.00

The world of Shiuan was doomed. Rising waters and shattering earthquakes due to the coming of a vast and strange new sattelite had sealed the fate of its peoples – flee or die with their world.

Their sole escape routes were the Gates, the passages between worlds established by a forgotten cosmic race. And just as this knowledge dawned on the desperate tribes and cities there appeared the woman Morgaine – whose mission was to seal Shiuan's Gates.

This is the story of Morgaine, she of "Gate of Irvel" and of her henchman, Nhi Vanye, and of their relentless enemy, Chya Roh, who followed them to the drowning planet.

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Release date: 1978
Genres: science fiction, fantasy
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: August 25, 2021

The Morgaine Cycle :: Series

Countless worlds are connected by Gates, and through these gates rides pale-haired Morgaine with her sword Changeling on an endless quest to destroy the Gates before they destroy the entire Universe.

Belongs to the series The Alliance-Union Universe

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Well of Shiuan (The Morgaine Cycle #2)7.00
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