The Last Infection
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The Last Infection

by Michael W. Garza
Release date: July 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

The Last Infection chronicles the fall of civilization and the rise of the dead and the evolution of the infected. The series began with one little boy in The Hand That Feeds and ultimately follows the remains of the human race as they struggle for survival in a hostile world they no longer control. Come join what's left of the living as they fight for every last breath.

The infection swept across the country like a tidal wave. Survivors cling to life as the infected own the night and the dead walk the streets. Chris has endured on his own and bumping into Jake and Alicen weren't in his plans. The young brother and sister have plans of their own, but Chris has heard too many promises of sanctuary and infection free zones. Jenn's arrival turns his attention to the one thing he never thought he would face again, hope. They make a pact to reach the kids safe haven, but only time will tell if anyone can survive the last infection.

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