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Now or Never (Stephanie Plum #31) by Janet Evanovich
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Enhancing User Experience with Improved Book Status Icons

209 days ago
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We are thrilled to introduce a series of significant enhancements designed to elevate your book tracking experience. These new features involve the integration of intuitive icons directly onto book covers. This innovation allows you to effortlessly discern the status of each book in your collection, making it easier than ever to manage your reading preferences.
Here's a breakdown of the newly introduced icons and their respective meanings: 
  • Read Books With: Easily identify the books you've already read with a distinctive green checkmark () and when a book is marked only as 'read' without rating it is indicated with a yellow checkmark.
  • Owned Books: Books that you own are now marked with a green check mark (if read) enclosed within a circle.
  • Reading List: Books you've added to your reading list feature an open book icon, making them readily identifiable for your future reading adventures (🔖).
  • Want to Buy List: Books you aspire to add to your collection are marked with a shopping cart icon, simplifying the process of tracking books you intend to purchase (🛒).

With these enhancements, managing your library and keeping track of your reading goals has never been more convenient. Say goodbye to the confusion of book statuses, and say hello to a streamlined and user-friendly reading experience. Enjoy your enhanced book catalog!