Behold the Void

Philip Fracassi
horror > weird fiction, short stories
Behold the Void - Philip Fracassi

Introduction by Laird Barron.

BEHOLD THE VOID is nine stories of terror that huddle in the dark space between cosmic horror and the modern weird, between old-school hard-edged horror of the 1980’s and the stylistic prose of today’s literary giants.

Revenge takes a monstrous form when a scorned lover acquires bizarre, telekinetic powers; a community swimming pool on a bright summer day becomes the setting for a ghastly nightmare of sacrifice and loss; a thief does bloody battle with a Yakuza for the soul of a horse god; a priest must solve the mystery of a century-old serial killer or risk the apocalypse; a newly-married couple discover that relationships-gone-bad can be poisonous, and deadly; a child is forced to make an ultimate choice between letting his parents die or living with the monsters they may become; and when a boy is trapped on a beach at low tide, he must face death in many forms – that of the rising water coming to consume him and the ghost of his dead mother who wants him back, reaching for him with dark, longing arms…


  • Soft Construction of a Sunset
  • Altar
  • The Horse Thief
  • Coffin
  • The Baby Farmer
  • Surfer Girl
  • Mother
  • Fail-Safe
  • Mandala
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Release date: March 10, 2017
Genres: horrorweird fiction, short stories
Expectation rating: 9.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: March 10, 2017