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The third continent

Wings of Fire Book 16 (Wings of Fire #16) by Tui T. Sutherland
Wings of Fire Book 16
(Wings of Fire #16)
by Tui T. Sutherland

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174 days ago
There’s 5 new tribes. Spacewings,metalwings, cloudwings,lavawings and maybe grasswings? If you would pick only one, I would be honoured. Maybe 5 principal caracthers? Blade, for grass, star for space,steam, for lava,wind, for cloud  and iron for metal. That was possible names. Do this is the possible  scenarios. A giant blizzard in the past destroyed half of the continent, and they need to survive with one quarter of the continent a frozen tundra. This is another scenario. The lavawings  try to burn the continent and only if the seawings help, the continent would stay. Oh my gosh I’m just so excited! If you read this Tui, I am extremely grateful. From one of your biggest fan, Andréanne. Oh yeah I’m French so sorry for spelling.
152 days ago
I'm so excited for book 16!!!!!!

When is it coming out?

I think Gemsteel would be a good MetalWing name

A good SpaceWing name would be Astro

Me and my friend think Melt and Magma would be good LavaWing names

Seed would be a good GrassWing name

My friend says Storm would be a nice CloudWing name

I've thought of some of my own dragon tribes so here ther
80 days ago
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Hey, a few Wings of Fire fans ran into this site online — this is my first time visiting too! I wanted to know, is this book confirmed to exist? Are there any sources for that? So far it's been really up in air whether or not the author plans on writing a fourth arc (books 16-20). I wouldn't be surprised if this is just a placeholder page to fill out with more information when it's available, but apart from this site we really haven't received any indication that the fourth arc is for sure going to be written yet. Thanks for helping clear this up if you come across this post!
48 days ago
I would maybe suggest the name Astral for the spacewing.